Create Login with PHP and MySQL using Volley Library - Android Studio Material Design

Create Login with PHP and MySQL using Volley Library - Android Studio Material Design
Hey, Boys and Girls. In this Video, I am going to show you how to create a login in the android studio using volley library with Php and MySQL. I am going to use PHP as Server Side Script and MySQL as Database. See us On Facebook... 







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  • Sung Prasetyo
    If i'm using laravel 5.4 Lumen for api (server side), can volley library send the data?
  • Jack Thomas
    Now I like watching coding rather than any other videos^^
  • Ezra Poblete
    Can I have the java code and the php file? :) please thank you
  • TheOmarBH
    Bro can this works with a web service!?
    I'm making a Api Rest but I make this app with retrofit, but it's hard to make this works so a se this and it's more easy but I don't know if they works with a web service
  • Ivan Hanif
    can't use stringrequest, help me!
  • Brockler Naenae
    what is the /loginapp/login.php in StringRequest sir. help meeee :(
  • Prince Jade Oscar Fajardo
    Rashide coder pls tell me this is better than asynctask? I believe and it looks better and faster than asynctask damn
  • sem sem
    Any dos about
    navigtation drawer after login screen ?
  • Meami Software
    hi bro please show appactivity class or sendme source code please.
  • sazzad kanon
    Basic network error. unexpected response code 403.... the OnResponse message is not showing. what to do?
  • nurenabi
    Ab expendiblelistview volley use kar ke banaye
  • Phongsatorn Chuenchom
    error show . WARNING: Configuration 'compile' is obsolete and has been replaced with 'implementation' and 'api'.
  • Pokuri Vivek
    Thank you brother!!!! With your video i got a clear idea about the login. Thanks a lot
  • nurenabi
    Api use karke register form with image banaeye
  • Prodyut Das
    Why I'm facing that of not showing message of the onResponse? plz help me out
  • Jose mendez
    hi bro, thanks for your time and your dedication, i got a question, my app run but when i do clic en login don't show me the message of the onResponse, i follow step by step your video and i'm still without solution. thanks
  • Paphat Auppakar
    Is not show the code of AppActivity ? Can you show AppActivity ? Thank very much . ^^
  • Alvaro Gavilanes
    Thanks, you should to show the code of the AppActivity, but the video great, thanks
  • black full
    hey thnxs!!!