small-engine-EFI-Kit conversion

small-engine-EFI-Kit conversion
Ecotrons small engine EFI conversion kit..
An 150cc bike is converted from carburated to fuel injected, with Ecotrons' EFI kit. 
This EFI kit has below features:
• Electronic fuel injection (EFI)
• ECU controlled ignition system (via CDI)
• Plug-aNd-Play (PNP) with an O2 sensor
• Dual fuel maps selectable by a manual switch (Performance Switch: ECO vs. RICH Mode)
• High fuel efficiency and low carbon emissions
• Decel-fuel-cut-off
• On board self-diagnosis with a MIL lamp
• Performance tuning for advanced users
• On-the-fly calibration
2.Harness (including the connectors)
3.Throttle Body and Intake manifold Assembly
• 24mm/28mm Throttle body (including TPS sensor)
• Intake manifold (GY6 only) 
• Fuel injector (38/60/80/120/200g/min) 
4.Fuel pump assembly
• Fuel pump (compact size:38mm diameter) (comparative low power: 2A current) (Flow rate: 25L/h)
• Fuel pressure regulator(2.5bar)
• Fuel filter
• fuel hoses and clamps
5.MAP sensor (1.05bar)
6.Engine temperature sensor
7.Intake air temperature sensor
8.CDI - for ECU controlled spark advance (optional, NOT included)
9.Oxygen sensor and bungs (INCLUDED)
10.Serial communication cable (to a computer)
11.Serial to USB converter (optional, NOT included)
12.CD - free tuning software (also downloadable)

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  • Ecotrons
    Hi everyone,
    Sorry for not responding to your questions. We are not monitoring the YouTube comments most time.
    Please send an email to info@ecotrons.com and you shall be answered in one day.
  • mega0876
    599 for that? , that's  how much that china crap is worth
  • Engine Rebuilders Supply Co.
    So, as others have said, 2 minutes of crap music brought nothing to the table. The rest of the video was useless as well. You showed nothing about "putting this on" an engine, it wasn't on, and then it was. Whoopee.
  • Von Cielo
    Sir? how much it cost all and all? can this Efi kit fit to any 150cc Carburetor type? like 150cc Underbone?
  • Alfredo Aldape
    Whats the advantage of this over just stock?
  • FullBlown Redneck
    Why bother on a single.
  • Muhammad Mehroz
    how much it cost? link to buy that kit?
  • IceStone69
    Where do I buy this Conversion kit
  • Monish Sagar
    where can i but this kit
  • Dipesh Gavale
    This is very important for my project plzzz
  • Dipesh Gavale
    Plz give me your num. I will call you
  • Dipesh Gavale
    I want to buy this
  • Gee Gee
    Wot a fucking mug
  • fessss83
    How fuel economy have changed after such a good modification? And what about top speed?
  • funkyzero
    i could have done without the music for sure
  • john nguyen
    Please help me with a good tune to try. I installed this kit to my GY6 Ruckus using the biggest throttle body Ecotrons had to offer and cant seem to get it running correctly. I runs fine if i make it super pig rich but doing that it idles quite high at stop and idle doesnt seem to be consistently stable. sometimes idles great but most of the times will idle high.Please let me know if you have a good map i can try please,. Thank you .
  • Jimmy King
    i whant that so bad on my lawn mower but I CANT FIND IT
  • Bike Muters
    link to buy
  • Robert De las penas
    where to buy this?
  • Robert De las penas
    where to buy this?
  • Mustang Guy
    PAINFUL music ends at 02:09 and bike starts ad runs. Mute till then, then turn volume back on.
  • carlo hoyos
    donde lo consigo
  • brufnus
    What's the title of the music in the beginning?
  • Nate
    fuckin love the music
  • vitor hugo Hugo
    It failed to explain how a signal of emission of wheel signal or wheel signal (coil
  • Steven Gonvera
    Where can i buy that kit?? Please give me information
  • John Doe
    The same kit from alixpress, The make The parts others import them
  • Franco Adendorff
    Hi. I'm from Cape Town I would like to get this kit for my XR 125 Honda. Were can I get one for the best price?
    where can I buy this system
  • Garvin Sandrea
    como quiero una de esos para mi moto
  • Julio Traebert
    Hello, Can you share this project?
  • Antonio Mark
    did you change the magneto?
  • Don Bastardo
    Too many wires!. not doing it.
  • Joshua Rivera
    it would be nice if the kits didn't cost $600 and up! otherwise I'd love to buy one of these
  • Farooq Rana
    bro ... i want this kit
  • Tere Gomez
    I have same with this bike how to order same on the video and how much it cause,tanx
  • Ref-In S.R.L.
    hola donde lo conseguiste
  • Tyler Mccoy
    I want to buy this and then buy the turbo that is offered there. Not sure if I can fit the turbo on my Dr200 but I definitely want to make this work so bad
  • Genius world
    where should i buy this parts which u mentioned above
  • Genius world
    can i use this in honda CB twister cb110 bike ????? reply
  • Krasimir Dragomirov
    seems to run very smoothly..would you recommend it?is it still working?
  • josh smith
    so do you need to weld a nut to your exust for exust sensor
  • Afzal Khan
    what a fake vid .......
    only at throtle running whole efi system
  • Christian Jaralve
    when you say pricy, what would be the price range sir? i hope its available here in the philippines, is it? thank you so much for replying sir.
  • Christian Jaralve
    can it be applied to the engine of Honda XL 100? im planning to convert it to EFI to make it more fuel efficiency.
  • Thai Parts
    I bought it for turbo use, with a 2.5 bar map sensor and the 34 mm TB works fine! easy takes about 3 hours to get it working, and another 2 horurs and a lot off tie wraps to hide the wiring, but i dont complain for the money it is a great set!!
  • Kim
    what are the dimensions of the finished Engine Fuel Injection Kit – 35cc to 300cc
  • Mark Howarth
    get rid of the stupid music
  • pancudowny
    If the ECM can be reduced to the size of a cigarette pack... like the one Painless Wiring uses with some of their plug-&-play/drop-in engine harness kits... then we'll more likely see EFI on production small-engines.