How to execute part of PHP code Asynchronously

How to execute part of PHP code Asynchronously
We will discuss about executing time consuming part of PHP scripts asynchronously via socket connection. This method is very simple and greatly increase the performance of your web applications. View code and instructions at http://goo.gl/63oQnA

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  • Roger Nevez
    Important stuff, however very complicated ....
    btw, why so many thumbs down?
  • ning wei
    that's no different between them , still slow Mr
  • nemnoton
    Interesting, but wouldn't it be clearer if you added the 20 second sleep delay inside the "post_async" code? Otherwise there is no time consuming code there(?). And where would we put the delay in that case?
    I am looking for a way to execute code in intervals, in a loop.. so I need a delay, but it must be done asynchronously.
  • Atif Ahmad
    Thanks for sharing simple and nice approach
  • Foo Bar
    Dat indian accent... must ...close
  • Asfandiar The Great
    Bullshit .... the code is working due to you erased "sleep (20)" in the asynchronous PHP ...... BullShit !
  • Mundo PubliCom
    Thanks, it works fine, Great Provided.
  • Sandeep Modak
    Thank you