Carburetors vs. Electronic Fuel Injection—What’s Better? | MC Garage

Carburetors vs. Electronic Fuel Injection—What’s Better? | MC Garage
Your motorcycle is either being fed fuel through a carburetor with jets, or via a throttle body with an injector. What happens when these two systems face off? We’ll find out in this video from the MC Garage.

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    Manjan brb
  • Owen Martinelli
    Fuck carburetors. Yes they're simple and easy to work on, but there's a million different ways for them to get gunked up or refuse to start in cold weather.
  • meg tryx
    Id still prefer carburetor, fuel injections are dependent on battery if your battery busted you cant turn on your motorbike even if its full tank
  • Springtrap
    your MoToRcYcLe..
    my CAR has a carburetor, and it's better than the fuel injection
  • don'tcheat youcowards
    i think you forgot to mention fuel injection is far more fuel effitient than carb... 😀
  • srinivas Das
    I want computer grafic disply, not verbal plz
  • Joe Pasco
    A couple hundred k+ miles on 18 different bikes, never had to fix a carb roadside.
  • Chris Holton
    Carbs will show more horsepower on the engine dyno...the fuel injection accelerates quicker 1/4 mile..
  • Graeme SYDNEY
    "That's how this sucker works" - no pun intended!!!
  • joker3117nk
    Video explanation on fuel injection vs People's experience comment in Carb😘.
  • Zeg Zeazon
    i learned, so i subscribed!
    and gave this vid a 👍!
  • Two Tone
    Fuel Injection is reliable...as long as the electrical components hold up. A dead battery can and will put a new bike on the side of the road, while on a carburated bike it just needs a kick over (or roll start) to run.
  • Larry Burke
    There are MANY carburetor equipped Dual Sports.
    Are you fools aware of this?
  • Rust Belt Auto
    The only reason why electronic fuel injection was introduced is because of emissions, and keeping a catalytic converter "happy". It is an inferior over engineered product as far as the functionality goes. Vacuum slide carbs are the best.
  • Shahab Ahmed
    Can we replace carburetor with a fuel injectior on a 125cc bike ?
  • Matthew Lombard
    The fuel is so shit in South Africa I opened my carbs on my bike after 6 months and it was jelly!! It ate the o rings!!!! blocked the jets. Had to use acitone to clean then rebuild the carbs.
  • Matthew Lombard
    Try setting the carbs up on a four carb set up!!! suzuki gsx 1100 katana or a Suzuki 1200 GSX bandit take them off set them put them on run them under load take them off set them put them on run them under load. It is a mission!!!!!! Fuel injection any day.
  • bunso ali
    Which one is good for long lasting engine? Carburetor or Fuel injection? Thank you for your comment 😊
  • Jhon Ian Ilisan
    Thank you... For Sharing your Idea about the Comparison of Two types Carburator.
  • Muhammad Zulfaqar
    need this, tq
  • Teo P
    Like asking: electricity or candle light, which is better?
    Thank you Captain Obvious.
  • rino ard
    Taik kau
  • Data Pirates
    I used to ride my vespa with carburator and platina ignition.
    And nowaday I ride honda CRF125F with carburator.

    Just like platina, carburator era will end. EFI will dominate the road.
  • Pineda Staglio
  • Tomàš Molnár
    suzuki dr 750 almost 30 years old still running on stock carbs cant beat reliability for me. These thumpers are bullet proof
  • Sérgio Alves
    Someone's probably mentioned this already but it's not the vacuum from the intake stroke that draws fuel in. If it worked that way the engine would draw it the most fuel with the throttle closed, and next to nothing with the throttle wide open when pressure in the intake manifold will be close to atmospheric.

    A carburetor has something called a venturi which is a section of the intake path that is narrowed into a very small area so the air is forced to go through it very fast, and the faster it goes the lower its static pressure which is what draws in the fuel. More throttle means more air flow and more air speed so greater drop in pressure at the venturi point and therefore more fuel.
  • nautticks
    EFI is just better plain and simple
  • Carl Kane
    Oh man you’re fuckin hot
  • sohibul al-amin
    for me, carbs: inexpensive,reliable,easy to maintain, but slightly less economical. whereas injector:economical but dam expensive, not reliable, cannot maintain,
  • Nodak81
    EFI is better for reliability and ease of operation. Carbs are better for DIY repair, simplicity, and long-term ownership.
  • xGxPhantom Zzz
    Nah I fuel my bike with pure Hatred and straight from the Tank with a hose.
  • Stephen Joshua Wayno
    my proff said FI saves more fuel than a CARBURETOR.
  • Cheeta
    Umm can i restrict a fuel injected bike is it same as carb since i want wr450 and its fueled and since im 18 i can get A2 licence and the law is up to 35 kw's :/ can anyone help
  • Dougie Quick
    Why is it that Japanese dual sport bikes still mostly have carbs?? Supposedly they are discontinuing like the KLR650 after 2018 for emissions reasons which I have to think is because that model is carb fed....Just seems like to me there are fuel injection components on the shelf already that would work for big singles...Wonder if XRs and DRs are about to be discontinued also?
  • Dougie Quick
    Obviously you can not honestly rightly hold up a throttle body and say "this is fuel injection" ....to fairly illustrate you would need to show all the components needed to duplicate what the carb does ...meaning you need to hold up the fuel pump and cpu
  • Sami Alraisi
    Well explained fulkerrrr
  • spiddyman007
    What about normal cars
  • Jesus Christ King of kings Lord Of lords
    Carbs all the way! I don’t ride in cold whether.
  • Sam Degaulle 2
    Fuel injectors are ever reliable over time and Money.
  • Madness crazy feeling
    What is the tps system in the carburator
  • Adam Aston
    In my opinion engines with carbs sound better.
  • Rocky Ugsod
    Funny here in the Philippines new scooters are FI.
  • ZeeC
    direct injection is best ..
  • Manuqtix Manuqtix
    Basically a fuel injector sprays fuel inside the engine and the carburetors pours fuel inside the motor
  • American Icon
    Your EFI statement is not true on many levels! For instance you stated EFI doesn’t care about temperature or altitude. That statement is actually not true due to the fact that the EFI ECM on modern bikes run on a map based system that doesn’t have the level of adjustment to cover higher altitude unless they are operating a wide band O2 sensor system!
  • mcghanconcrete
    Lol ... So when it draws air up and out of the float bowl and in to the combustion chamber ... IT DOES'NT COME OUT OF THE BACK OF THE CARBURETOR DUMB ASS .
  • Santhosh John
    Beautifully tuned carborater can give more fuel efficiency
  • Tomas de Torquemada
    To hell with fuel injection, old school rules . My BMW boxers carbs are nearly 40 years old , and still running great 👍
  • Nester D'souza
  • Dave Spotify
    Carburator= 50% Knowledge & 50% patience
    EFI= 0% Knowledge (Brain not needed) & 100% needs Mechanic!

    If you know how to tweak go for Carb! But if your idiot EFI is the best, no brain needed!hahaha