Carburetors vs. Electronic Fuel Injection—What’s Better? | MC Garage

Carburetors vs. Electronic Fuel Injection—What’s Better? | MC Garage
Your motorcycle is either being fed fuel through a carburetor with jets, or via a throttle body with an injector. What happens when these two systems face off? We’ll find out in this video from the MC Garage.

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  • Verita Verito
    Best. Thank you.
  • hoon12345
    Efi for the track, carb for the trail.
  • Aban Don Roby
    does EFI need spark plug ???!!
  • Vitaliy Khomich
    @ 0:50 Looks like he only red and never worked on the carb
  • JustBanter
    I choose Carberettor, the reasons being, 1, Maintenance, any reasonably savvy mechanic can strip, clean, and repair them (this is especially important when you travel through Countries where dirty/inferior fuel is often found). 2, Cost
    Repair and Replacement can be done on a budget and even though EFI will auto adapt to environmental conditions it is often the case on a Carberettor that 'altitude riding' etc can be fine tuned quite readily at the slight turn of the external 'mixture screw' (easily accessible on most Carberretors), also if you run your fuel level down very low the EFI System can become unbalanced and out of sync requiring a specialist to reset the ECU - On a Carberretor even if you run dry it becomes a simple matter of just refuelling and off you go.In regard to the actual real world difference that Injection makes to performance (ie. acceleration or economy) I don't think it holds any significant advantage.
    p.s. If I'm leaving for work one morning and discover I have a flat battery! at least I can attempt a 'bump/push start' - good luck trying that with a motorcycle fitted out with an EFI System!!
  • Bucky buckmaster
    Fuel injection is gay
  • ukspizzaman
    Carbs feel better in roundabouts, injection gives you more of an on/off feeling.
  • Erumi Shidou
    Nothing beats granddaddy carbs. Had a honda cb110 since 2012 and so far, no probs. Just had to clean it and tuned properly then it runs smooth.
  • Syafiq Streakerz
    I had rather use carb instead.. because rely on electronics components meaning relying on the power from the battery.. If the battery is low, it will be rendered useless.. Other than CDI, use mechanical parts instead..
  • jop schilder
    Is there a way to replace my maf sensor with a map sensor without remapping my ecu?
  • dragking111489tin
    here in the philippines there are 2 kinds of famous suzuki bikes 1 is the raider 150 carb and the other is the raider 150FI but here most of the people choose carb i dont know why because they say it is less money to spend when you have to fix it but what they dont know is FI is more reliable and the fuel consumption is a lot cheaper than the carb but i do agree that the carbs sound more good its like the sound of carb is more bolder than the FI just like the 2 bikes i mention and yes the raider 150 carb sounds better than the raider 150FI but FI performs better over all
  • Lambo6fo
    Came here to look at the comments lol, cause we all know EFI is better.
  • Skiiiler
    I like the fuel injection much more then a carburator, but i just ride bikes with carburator😅
  • Burt Hulbert
    I've never had to work on a carb until I had well over 100k on my 78 BMW R/100/7. And that was because the rubber diaphragm had finally torn. A round slide mikuni has even less to go wrong.
  • michael majewski
    lectron self metering carb> carb, fuel injection
  • viNith goud
    Which gives the best mileage
  • Ajay Shinde
    Nee Mohini Chopper motorcycle
  • Mohsin Ali
    Sir nice video efi fix 125 cc moatar cycles yes are no?
  • autogamer
    I have a 1978 trans am. Can I put a fuel injection on it?
  • Big Rob
    I prefer carburator over fuel injection. Fuel injection is very restrictive when it comes to horsepower gains because the car computer gets smarter and wipes out your horsepower gains and puts it back to stock horsepower. With a carburator you don't have any restrictions and gain more raw horsepower.
  • jrc hdg
    What is better sprocket combination in my xtz 125 yamaha? I'm using this for everyday travel (long ride) i want to increase more speed with my bike
  • Baron Teddy Von Forsthoffer
    I like the simplicity of carbs. They work. And if you know what you are doing you can do simple maintenance, fine tune them and modify them when you want more power.
  • Dinesh Kukreti
    साला नाम मे ही गाली।
  • Senthil Kumar N
    Crisp.. 👍👍
  • shomak
    the choke part is the most funny
  • Akash kumar
    I subscribed
  • UltimateRedneck2500HD
    Wow this guy really hates carberatures
  • Simon New
    All very gud but fuel injection requires a computer to solve the engine unlike carburetor
  • frincon75
    Which one has more balls ?
  • ebin belji
    Can you start without a battery with a fuel injector ?
  • Artyom Chelyabinsk
    Hey guys, can you do a test on ethanol-mixed gasoline? Whether it is okay or not? Thanks
  • doodskie999
    As much as I like fi engines. Nothing beats the sound of an open card super four. Sounds menacing
  • Aj Biron
    more comparison pls :)
  • John Bond
    Your statement about fuel injection on bikes may be quite accurate.Fuel injection, however, especially in diesel engines, and quite a few large gas engines as well, has been in use far earlier than the 1980's.
  • Md Naseer
    Only repairability doesn't matter the thing that matters is efficiency, fuel consumption etc. Well, I would prefer EFI system.
  • Ash
    This forgot to put into account the innovasions in carbs like the lecton and yoshimura thats self adjusting and has finer jets making it as fuel efficient as an efi while still more reliable. Tho the chance of an efi failing is maybe 1:1,000,000 but when it does its down and out unlike a carb that you can do roadside repairs.
  • ScrewCaptain27
    Carb is better to ride but FI wins for user friendliness
    Manjan brb
  • Owen Martinelli
    Fuck carburetors. Yes they're simple and easy to work on, but there's a million different ways for them to get gunked up or refuse to start in cold weather.
  • meg tryx
    Id still prefer carburetor, fuel injections are dependent on battery if your battery busted you cant turn on your motorbike even if its full tank
  • Springtrap
    your MoToRcYcLe..
    my CAR has a carburetor, and it's better than the fuel injection
  • don'tcheat youcowards
    i think you forgot to mention fuel injection is far more fuel effitient than carb... 😀
  • srinivas Das
    I want computer grafic disply, not verbal plz
  • Joe Pasco
    A couple hundred k+ miles on 18 different bikes, never had to fix a carb roadside.
  • Chris Holton
    Carbs will show more horsepower on the engine dyno...the fuel injection accelerates quicker 1/4 mile..
  • Graeme SYDNEY
    "That's how this sucker works" - no pun intended!!!
  • joker3117nk
    Video explanation on fuel injection vs People's experience comment in Carb😘.
  • Zeg Zeazon
    i learned, so i subscribed!
    and gave this vid a 👍!
  • Two Tone
    Fuel Injection is reliable...as long as the electrical components hold up. A dead battery can and will put a new bike on the side of the road, while on a carburated bike it just needs a kick over (or roll start) to run.
  • Larry Burke
    There are MANY carburetor equipped Dual Sports.
    Are you fools aware of this?