Sending OTP SMS in PHP from localhost using textlocal

Sending OTP SMS in PHP from localhost using textlocal
Sending OTP SMS in PHP from localhost using textlocal
activate your account on textlocal
Generate api key
Send otp and verify otp

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  • suman singh
    show Error: Invalid login details
  • Faizan Khan
    Fantastic video..Thanks for it
  • siva krishnan
    Hi guys index.php $number = array( Your mobile number or Post number) please replace and check
  • Abdul Rehman
    code please
  • Vaibhav Vaidya
    lol, I got this new error: Error: Messages can only be sent between 9am to 9pm as restricted by TRAI NCCP regulation :D
  • Rajeev Sahani
    Failed to connect to the Textlocal service: Could not resolve host: api.textlocal.in. how to resolve it?
  • my work
    cant we send bulk sms ?
  • mutale mulenga
    Finally I found someone who made it simple. thanks. I have even customized it to work my way
  • Mahesh Mishra
    I am getting error: failed to connect to the Textlocal service:api.textlocal.in. ... can u explain about the error?
  • The Clock
    i used "TXTLCL", now it is working but i want to use my sender name. How can i use it?
  • The Clock
    i got an error "Invalid sender name", i have tried many names in many way still it is showing. Please help
  • Abhijit Paithane
    can you please send you code script
  • Abhishek Agrawal
    i need script
  • bhavani gattikoppula
    otp not generating.
  • Pabolu Sravan
    code please
  • siddharth vasudev
    U r entrng wrng num den hw d otp is generating to ur phne only????
  • Samim akhtar
    but OTP is showing browser " right click inspect element,APPLICATION,COOKIE" option how to hide this???
  • Bytes xhamP
    Supperb Bro What a tutorial It Worked Properly Loved Your Your video Please Upload such more content
  • Nirmal kumar sharma
    i put same code but its showing
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init() in D:\xampp\htdocs\unique\admin\textlocal.class.php on line 102
  • Erik Laguliga
    the script please ;(
  • Abhijit khuntia
    Hello .. can you please help me . I want to accept user input nos and it shows error in $_POST . So please help me regarding this.
  • Srikanth Ambal Dhage
    Error: Invalid login details
  • RLchats
    sir please help ......fatal error
  • Swapnil Irnak
    Thanks Bhai.....but sabhi number ko ye OTP send nhi ho raha...... it shows "Error: No valid numbers specified" Like that Error msg
  • Sumeet Malviya
    Where is the form data and mobile number saved.
  • chitraf1
    Please provide download link to download source code.
  • bebe nglynrys
    How about if you want an unlimited sms?
  • Vaibhav Bahuguna
    could you please make video on msg91 integration on wordpress using codes or any other method.Please sir .
  • Akash Kadia
    Error: Invalid login details this error how can be solve
  • Rajib das
    Can you make auto register client without knowing them for vas service???
    If you can, i have some business proposal for you.
    mail: ctgraj93@gmail.com
  • Him Variya
    Sir i need Corephp scripts
  • alpesh kevadiya
    i am not complete and suggestions
  • alpesh kevadiya

    that will be to +91 and +92 +90 any country mobile number send opt in not successfully
  • alpesh kevadiya

    that will be send sms to only number enter you mobile do not mobile send and how to any mobile number rong that will sms mobile number rong caret mobile number enter
  • Yash Singh
    Error: Invalid login details
  • Mital Gavit
    this is not working ..it just show the query only . i m not getting any otp.. plz put right code
    sir otp you send is valid upto how many minutes???
  • Ayodele Gorah
    Thanks for your tutorial I found it helpful.
    It was unfortunate for me that textlocal did not give me the ten free credits. So I could not carry out effectively.

    Thanks so much.
  • Shyam Dwivedi
    Why I cannot use any any other value for $sender variable in the place of "TXTLCL"?
  • Hp
    bro can u send this code
    bro, can you make video how someone get code from mobile to email.
  • Tushar Sutar
    Durgesh Sahani sir , if i want to send otp to any one of gmail then what should do changes in my php files, plz help me sir..
  • Moalong Jamir
    Thank you Durgesh Sahani, It was a great tutorial indeed, and can you please make a video on "Forget Password" system based on this same video?? So that we can implement on this same tutorial...
  • Rutvi Nathvani
    Error: Invalid login details
  • Musicz
    code not working , Error: No recipients specified,
  • Raj Dhanki
    This is working 100% sir and thank u so much
  • Raj Dhanki
    if i want to send otp to other mobile number sir then what do i have to change in credential.php and and index.php file and i want to set mobile number field if i put another mobile number it will send otp to that particular other number not in same our number sir please help
  • Varsha Sawner
    code not working , Error: No recipients specified,
  • Nandhini Gs
    It says, Error: Invalid login details