Eminem - Venom

Eminem - Venom
Listen to Venom (Music From The Motion Picture), out now: http://smarturl.it/EminemVenom



Dir: Rich Lee
Producer: Justin Diener & Kathy Angstadt
Production Company: Drive Studios
Director of Photography: Christopher Probst
Production Designer: Charles Infante

Music video by Eminem performing Venom. © 2018 Aftermath Records


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  • Jarred Carney OFFICIAL BULLDOG
    “Knock Knock let the devil in” what a badass line
  • Aper Ngurang
    Knock knock let the devil in
  • TheFlyingPizza
  • Muhamad Amin
    Pixel 3
  • lachlan brown
    the feeling you get when you see an old man start rapping
  • Ooh gotem mandem
    Just watched venom and i can say chief done good
  • Hit Music
    I have a question... Eminem had 33M subscribers not long ago and now only 26 ? Why so many unsubscribers ?
  • fikar 1121
    Orang indo ada sini???
  • Ahmad Hamoudi
    Yu2burne rabbaaakkk
  • Obi-Wan
    Happy Birthday Eminem. You are a true Rap God
  • サミュエル・ウンティティ
    That's really really really good!!!
  • n0ice 00f
    Why isn’t this song not trending
  • 우재원
  • Fun time
    We are venom
  • cO3
    this is why i won't work as a bus driver
  • Dyo FirsOrian
    venom or riot !!!!!!Vote
  • basti ramirez
    The God's Back🔥🔥
  • MySpencer21
    The god is back
  • Saints Ads
    this song was on venom!!!! Good job enimem i like the song on the ending of venom
  • Michael Smith
    How is he still good if nun of this shit makes sense. Y'all stupid asf
  • 탠패
    역시 랩통령
  • Fey Bkz
    No hoes twerking no nudes no sexual scenes no speaking bout drugs and shit this is real rap not ratchet rap
  • Dpk daredevil
    i would like to meet the ones who disliked
  • Cute Things
  • merkturk Whatman
    YEAA so my head set started a fire and know i have no house ;''(
  • Semih Okan
    Türkiye ♡
  • Nasrullah Yusuf
    venommmm..mmm.. damn i just turned into venomm..
  • Ryan Da Spaghett
    Every like I get, I'll add a panda
  • chol bu rap
  • sav vy
    When you get bit with the........venom!!!!
  • Nuray
    acaba turk varmi ???
    I appreciate the fake album they had to CGI in
  • Kevin Michael Vinton Smith
    🔥this shit is as catchy as Chlamydia!
  • castaña fajardo
  • Mutia Mutia
    Pls makes slim shady songs again
  • Edna Gueta
    Why anti venom is not here only venom
  • Geometry Dash JoSoMi
    4:20 venom venommmm venom venommmm venom venom venommmm
  • Aussie Adela.7
    And this is why you dont do drugs
  • ItsEthanMG
    Who thinks he gonna blow up like crazyyy soon?
  • Amal M Ashok
    Now I feel like to be VENOM! Save Meee!
  • 하진
    venom~ venom~
  • Z rachan twelve Z
  • ぬるふ ぬるふ
  • Mr.Matrix
    Who else is here before they saw venom!!!!!
  • Ember
    mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell... VENOMMM
  • Clash Of Kings-KD 1939
  • Jaya Vinu
    MJK: Im the best rapper in the world.!
    Eminem: Sorry I didnt clearly catch that, would you repeat that phrase again..? God rest the poor soul.!
  • Tashan Thomas
    If kamikaze was bad Eminem would be irrelevant
  • Brain Flair
    Venom just transferred from dogs urine to the girl......... # ultimate power of the legendary Eminem
  • Tolga Koç
    venommmmm mınım mınım hınım venommmmm menum menum hımmm