Send SMS Text Messages to Mobile Phone PHP Tutorial

Send SMS Text Messages to Mobile Phone PHP Tutorial
Lesson Code: http://www.developphp.com/video/PHP/Send-SMS-Text-Messages-to-Mobile-Phone-PHP-Tutorial
Learn how to use PHP to send SMS text messages to mobile phones programmatically and automatically. You can use this to send text messages to your website members, clients or customers from a web based platform.

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  • Ronith Abobon
    thanks but do you need to register to the domain?
  • SIKTO remo
    Not working
  • Shri Prakash
    My network is Airtel. So what will my career be?
  • Jon Hart
    Is there a way to get an email as well as the form because every time I try with it sending to both pathways it only sends it to the 2nd option
  • Dylan Gregory
    Hey Adam - Does it cost anything to send SMS messages using PHP? Or can you send 1000's of texts without having to pay per text?
  • Mansi chandrakar
    Kya sir ye coding mere ko de sakte he kya
  • esss krishna
    what about indian telecom users
  • SPB Jesus
    When he starts talking about the domain names for the companies, do we use our own or who's and where can i find a list?
  • Jeromy Stewart
    I just want to be perfectly clear. It's not automatic if you have to match the carrier to the phone number .. in 2018 users aren't going to want to select their carrier. I've got a tutorial for the author, it's called how to be concise and transparent when making claims .. and not exaggerating to make money .. or at least have the balls to admit (in the title) that you are full of shit.
  • Ara Qzhlwl
    how to do in in my localhost??? please answer i don't have host .........
    Can you do a video on changing the status of a taxi if it is assigned or unassigned please
  • Kwaku amoh-aboagye
    Free or I have to pay for API or anything
  • معلومة Ma3loma
    Thank,hello my dear i need Email Confirm.
  • Pranjal Khandelwal
    i got this error when i run this code on localhost: mail(): Failed to connect to mailserver at "localhost" port 25, verify your "SMTP" and "smtp_port" setting in php.ini or use ini_set() in C:\xampp\htdocs\new 4.php on line 6 ,can anybody resolve it.
  • Raj
    how may set bulk sms sending service??
  • Papes
    Can you send bulk sms with this method ? Like sending 1000 sms with a delay of like 5 seconds per text
  • ernest murimi
    do you have kenyan one?
  • Thinking in c
    Hello friends tell me anyone? how to use it's script in India
  • Icloud Service
    fuck off you and your text local hahahhahaa
  • Marc Adrian Faro Repalbor
    Hi sir Adam good tutorial i was just wondering if you have used an sms gateway provider and how do you receive sms from cellphone no. to a data base

  • Birger Sørensen
    According to RFC 2822, email headers has to be separated by \r\n - not just \n
    The message can use only \n
  • Sri Satya
    thankh uuu
  • Ahmad Mahyudi
    does it work in Malaysia?
  • wwe fans
    In which text editor this app is made??
  • TypeError
    We don't need GMail now.
  • John Smith
    how can you make this work in a local host? what can we change in the php.ini file to enable it? can it work if we use hmailserver and squirrelmail??
    Please help. Do we need to signup on carrier or not. Because i have tried this but it is not working . And also tell me a free carrier
  • Wm Landers
    After looking up my carrier's SMS Gateway here: freesmsgateway.info and setting up php on my VPS, it worked beautifully.
  • Christian Fall
    Hi Sir How do I know what is my network carrier domain? im from Philippines. and my carrier is Globe, This will help to my capstone project alot.
  • Navi Singh
    Hi Mr.Adam, this is very nice video. I want to start my own bulk sms services with own gatway. so please guide me. Thanks
  • John Mahugu
    doesnt work in my country (kenya), all the service providers have locked this feature, its easier to just use the carriers API in php to send msgs or to buy a GSM modem and send texts from your own local server
  • NepalCode TV
    can you make new video
  • James Barratt
    Dude I just subscribed. Thought I had before only guess not as it said subscribe. Glad I'd stumbled across this video. Watched one of yours in the past and I love the way you explain everything. So clear and precise. Take time to speak and explain in layman' terms how everything works. 10/10
  • stephene velez
    Warning: mail(): Failed to connect to mailserver at "localhost" port 25, verify your "SMTP" and "smtp_port" setting in php.ini or use ini_set() in C:\xampp\htdocs\WebBase\sms.php on line 7
    I have been looking for this for a while! thanks a lot
  • Rick Hema
    Thank you Adam
  • Goqor Grigoryan
    Does somebody know is it working for every country?
  • Cymburyo Ox
    how to get the sms domain of your carier?
  • TriPpLeSRT JoKeR
    Hey Adam
    sorry for disturbing
    i am curious that how you get https in your website ?? please reply i want to know that :D

    advance Thanks :D
  • little programmer
    please create a html form to send the sms
  • PSC_ZacstaYT
    how do you send?
  • Last Soldier
    how can i make my phone as carrier server?
  • Ramchandra Mishra
    hello sir , will u tell me how to setup sendmail.ini and php.ini to use mail function.
  • Nick Fleming
    THANK YOU!!!!! for not telling us to buy an sms gateway like every other video on youtube about this topic
  • MD Apu
    I am in a different country, How do I know , where to get my career information? will cost any way, etc...
  • PrincessLibra16
    Sad face here :( The first part is not working for me. I dont know if its my webhost or if I'm missing something else.
  • Oppai Dragon
    hey sir this is free? at least 100 free text everyday and reload another day?
  • wkowalski
    How would I implement this in a WordPress site? I've tried creating a PHP template with this code but it doesn't work. I also tried setting it up as a function.