Dragon Ball GT Dan dan Kokoro Hikareteku LIVE

Dragon Ball GT Dan dan Kokoro Hikareteku LIVE

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  • Anita Kwok
    This is so cheerful and happy I feel like I'm gonna cry ;)
  • TheLonelyWolf87
    When i hear this I feel like transforming into ssj 4 again (,:
  • M Ziey O
    Hello 2019... Blue dress still favourite 😂😂
  • มายลี้เติ้ลโพนี่ เอเควียสเทยซอง
    คนไทยคะ ขอเสียงคนไทยหน่อย
  • อินทรีย์ จันทร์ลา
  • Ahmad Ameer Jul
    Ohh my younger days. 😭
  • 박무성
    베이스치는남성분 성함알수있을까요
  • david fernando
    What you doing today
  • Muaz Fadzil
  • Ericpaul Inocencio
    Flashback,,, huhuhu,, i miss my childhood so much,,, Guko is LEGEND
  • Shim Panjihitam
    Salam Watching from SULU...
  • Ryan Resuello
    2019 😍😍😍😍😍
  • greg mortel
    what is the name of this band?
  • Bruce Wayne
    What is the name of the band?
  • *Kamui_23*
    This will be my graduation song.
  • bryien jonathan
    Watching 13,1,2019
  • StatusAndroid
    None more nice as this .
  • epert333
    who are those female singers they come familiar to me but forgot the names
  • epert333
    great song even with the 3 females i love it wish i visited this i don't want to miss this next year
  • Daffa Ayyash
  • MRS [TV]
  • Ikhsan Channel
    Kawaine onechan yauw dame dameyo... yamete yamete kudashai !!!
  • shawn moo
    2019 and who else still listening this song just like me?
  • Patricio nahuel Jerez
    I AM ♥️ Akira Toriyama
  • Bank Bestblox
  • Sonia Guadalupe Dominguez Montalvo
    Me quedo con la versión latina es más melancólica 😢
  • Divine Sekki
    This is great singing.i love this opening
  • Chang The Anime Lover 4996
    Maon Kurosaki marry me.
  • ZAB Gaming
    this song is sooooooo inspirational
  • fr. grapher
  • Tb Ugi
    Loveee 😍😍😍😍
  • buddy Oshkosh
    arigato...I like Japanese songs.from the Philippines
  • Tomasz Jankowski
  • Muhammad Amiruddin
    The man voice is awesome
  • Muhammad Amiruddin
    Almost evryday i listen to this song
  • Captain Pollution
    I would give this millions of thumb ups if i could.
  • Bruno black 022
    됴 ㅅㄷ 뮤ㅏ
  • josealberto
  • Rahmat Hidayat
  • Andrey Marcos mendonça
  • Moises Corona Arjona
    La puta hostia el principio
  • 。SKY々ACE 。
    I love dragonball.
  • Harold Lontayao
    who's watching it 2019
  • Dan
    Here after 2 years like😢😭
  • Dan
  • 일1000
  • Sami Mathlouthi
    Yo tengo solo un palabra por describir este canciones :MAGIC
  • Muhammad Syahrul
    Better play In E Major Than C Major
  • Robert Rodrigez