Twitter app | iOS vs Android

Twitter app | iOS vs Android
Same developer, different apps. Lets compare!


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  • StalkerArea51 Official
    I dont understand why they didnt design the app with same look no matter what platform..?
  • Javier Teo
    I'm here because Twitter is especially biased towards Apple, probably because of their past partnerships. Anyway, iOS was made to be more elegant and compartmentalised for app developers, years ago.
  • Sharmin Shayla Badhon
    iOS always the best 🙂
  • Bobby
    I have a question. I’m in the process of switching from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy Note 8. When I download Twitter for Android on my new phone, will it still have my data from Twitter for iPhone. Likes, Twitter users who I have push notifications set for, mentions, etc. Will Twitter for Android have my data saved?
  • Savage Gang TV
    It was faster on droid
  • KL Nguyen
    The Twitter app for Android is like a joke.
    Because of the "onscreen softkeys", navigation tab bar on some of Android apps (Twitter, Facebook,...) are moved to the top, caused difficulty in one-hand navigation. For phones with ''offscreen softkeys'', this UI turns more ridiculous, because there's nothing on the bottom, like the phone in this video.
    Of course there has swiping function, too, yet people with small thumb like me can't able to use that. Inconsistent UI design.
    This video is truly my opinion.
  • DJ - Rocket Man -
    The lag on android is pissing me off can’t watch the video sorry
  • DJ - Rocket Man -
    Okay the reason why android loads faster is cause it loads only 1 page of the app when you go to your profile it has 2 load on android but on iPhone everything is loaded.
  • DorianDotSlash
    I actually prefer the Windows Phone Twitter app to both of these. Too bad MS is killing off the hardware...
  • Lazar Otasevic
    you tested everything but the most important stuff - shitty scrolling on android
  • K
    I really wish they make the layout for twitter on android the same as for ios. The ios layout seems so much better
  • Hussaintv
    Is there alternative app of twitter andriod similar to ios twitter version?!
  • SlowedEverything
    you should have compared the flick up physics
  • The Tech Librarian
    Also the iOS twitter app is over 100mb it's less than 25mb on android
  • Alessandro Marino
    IOS layout is better in my opinion.
  • Renovator
    IOS had that little animation though
  • Nj Garcia
    youtube android vs ios pls
  • Xpadder333
    please do other comparisons with apps like instagram or youtube
  • Mohameth Seck
    Quick question. Is there a way to get your ios app you made on swift to Android?
  • Sangam Agarwal
    iOS app is better ui
  • Umbro Khan
    mostly iOS app are better then Android.
  • Sukanth Kalivarathan
    At the start iOS had some animations that make that slow
  • Tuser Ahmed
  • Jonathan Robiños
    is it possible to get that ios twitter design/ui for android? i really love the ios design even in instagram.
  • YouSeeStefan
    Do more of this ios vs android apps videos
  • Stuart Bell
    Android UI has too much wasted space and not enough content.
  • Jessica De Souza
    can you do Reddit next please? and maybe a tweetbot vs flamingo app comparison
  • Jessica De Souza
    can you do Reddit next please? and maybe a tweet not vs flamingo
  • Nilachandan Mohanty
    Yeah. Its good. Please do more stuffs like this one.
  • Abdallah Albeez
    oneplus 3's wallpaper please
  • たつや
    On ios 😍
  • Atis T.
    Congrats on 2k subscribers! I saw this beautiful moment with my own eyes as I was watching live subscriber count. And if we are talking about apps... We all know apps on ios are better optimized and simple thus better. Coming from android user. I have used both platforms and this only my opinion and you might disagree.
  • Thomas Westhoff
    iOS has the best Twitter design.
  • Dibyajit Mandal
    ohh boy !!!!!
  • MTobin1000
    WOOOO HOOOO - Congrats on 2000 Subs. Awesome !
  • sw
    2k hype :D
  • Chivaughn Charles
    Great video! I like the comparison, I don't use twitter that much but it interesting to see how the same company makes their apps for each platform. I have and android phone but I do like the iOS app for twitter tho. did you put your sim in the OP3 yet?