“Error 1101, 1103 y 1104: Unable to” - Solution | App inventor 2

“Error 1101, 1103 y 1104: Unable to” - Solution | App inventor 2
Hello, in this video I explain how to solve the problems of Web tools and Webviewer when there is a problem of internet connection, incorrect url or website fallen, well I hope it is of help if you have some errors do not forget to comment it.

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  • faraz innovator
    thanks. helped me overcome my irritation over sill errors. :)
  • Davut Çengel
    Thanks. It works!
  • Youtube Hero
    Thanks for the info its what i needed
  • Hamza Javed
    File no found
    Please tell error number.
  • Clayton Calixto
    I have thinked that you would go to show like correcte the error and not the tratament of the error!

    Habia pensado que usted pondria mostrar a nosotros como corrigir el error, mas usted solamente tena mostrado como inserir una mensagem del error!