Thread by Wayne Houchin - theory11

Thread by Wayne Houchin - theory11
A length of thread is swallowed and immediately pulled from your eye. It looks as real as it sounds. THREAD has become one of the most talked about and sought after effects in magic.


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  • Jesse Thomson
    this guy was at my school today and he did this trick its crazy
  • RockingRobert23
    Would I be able to do this with contacts in?
  • hi
    @FergieMagic201 yes it is.
  • James Wise Magic
    @FergieMagic201 yes the trick is very safe. When you buy the dvd Wayne teaches you everything you need to know in order to be completely safe and without having to worry about eye infections and stuff. GET IT! It's a wonderful dvd and an awesome effect! =)
  • Mr92aceofspades92
    is this trick imprompt
  • Godzillas Enemy
    how make he this trick can someone help me !!! please
  • TheOnlyLite
    Rofl, Wayne is a beast
  • 9Nilzon2
    omg omg omg!! awsome! third comment whoohoo :D :D/