Android Development Tutorial - Upload file with PHP Backend

Android Development Tutorial - Upload file with PHP Backend
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In this tutorial , i will show you how to make  upload image file to Server from Android app use PHP web API

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  • Ryan Hallberg
    My upload doesn't create an assets folder or upload anything.
  • mani ortan
    uploading doesnt works sir.,otherwise all tasks are go well.,
    what can i do right now sir.,
  • Sakar Mehra
    If you speak and tell the audience what and why you are doing the stuffs that helps a lot better than
  • Jon Finkin
    can i auto upload from caching an audio file?
  • sajid amin
    how to upload more than 1 image to local server?
  • Subbir Hosain
    how to implent wysiswyg editor in android for blog post.plz make video on this
  • Mohammad Irfan
    if i m not using file chooser then can i do this??
  • Mohammad Irfan
    please sir make tutorial how to search particular data after fetched from server in RecyclerView..please please plz sir i am struggling from many days
  • mani ortan
    sir i using sqlyog for my web projects,when i install xampp i cant use randomly cause i solved error from xampp sql error - shutdown unexpectedly.,after clear that sqlyog dats are gone.,give me a suggestion to use which one is reliable and cabable to manage both android and web projects..
  • mani ortan
    really useful tutorial sir thank u,
    my request is view the file after upload it,and delete it and show the status like nothing .,
    if its happen very useful to me as a beginner of this development thanks in advance..
  • Subrahmanyam Abhishek A Y
    Why don't you make Our Data Storage, like Firebase Database ,and RecyclerAdapterView, N u know other features of the Firebase Database , hope you will do tutorials on that concept...
  • Jose - Intigen
    Nyc video sir... Can I upload any type of files like pdf,word,excel,etc.... from this app?
  • MImran Khan
    sir plz make a tutorial on android php crud operation and video upload tutorials
  • android lover
    that very cool bro thank you for this valuable toutrials ..can you please complete the wallpaper app
  • mahdi shoj
    Tank you Master :)
  • Wrestling. Com
    web based app upload image and text to firebase ple make tutorial bro
  • Jatt Tera
    please make a video on how to make "update app dialog" json call website
  • Subrahmanyam Abhishek A Y
    Create authentication system using PHP,
  • reza youn
  • Channel Channel
    Plz reply Can I upload a more movie in this app.
  • Cojoc MC
    How can we send image using intents from other applications to our app?
    Can you please make a video about that?
  • Shabab Km
    Thanks Sir , supr Vedio , Please Create a Tutorial , User login and register and upload image and some text , edit and delite upload item, show all upload content , edit profile then more , please create this modeal app tutorila
  • mostafa saad
    Can you please sir make tutorial about tensorflow please
  • Hamza Ashraf
    Waaao I am Just waiting this from you <3 <3 :)
  • Channel Channel
    When i earn money for this knowledge i will donate.. 1st im going to watch your full video now and start making.
  • Shariq Khan
    thankyou so much sir. i hope we will be doing one complete app with php and android :)
    bro please also make video on how to update progressBar progress in activity from Service which is doing downloading stuff i.e. how to send that downloading progress to activity to update ui of ProgressBar

    I have tried this with broadcast receiver but it receives broadcast after all downloading is finished i.e. receives all 1 to 100 % at once even though its big file
  • Fahim Khan
    Many thanks sir I was looking for this only and there your video pop up 👍👍👍😀😃😀
  • chi him Siu
    Best channel <3
  • Mohamud Osman Hamud
    Heheya Great job but I would like with mysql database that is the best approach.
    I suggest you my dear to create a lot of tutorial with php my SQL and android many tutorials in the YouTube channel About that lessons but I liked to your lessons Because you are making with Experience. thansk for your time.
  • Lets Learn
    Thank you brother
  • Subrahmanyam Abhishek A Y
    Backend system should be online 24/7 right bro
  • Abhayraj Prajapati
    Awesome dude...
    You are best.
    I love your channel... 10 out of 10 Bro... suprbbbbbbbbb
  • Velosh