Wireless Repeater setup with dd-wrt firmware

Wireless Repeater setup with dd-wrt firmware
How to setup Wireless repeater and increase your wireless routers range using dd-wrt 


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  • Gary Rose
    i have watched 3 videos all different and not working
  • Davide D'Innocenzo
    Following this guide, i set up my WRT150N with dd-wrt os on board, without fuss. So, as a repeater it's working properly. Thanks to you! Cheers
  • Simon Smith
    can the repeater mode work on the linksys wrt54g
  • All In One Tech By Noor
    biggest help for me
  • Georg Smith
    can someone tell me please if you can leave same "wifi" name and same password for both primary router and repeater / range booster,
    please anyone who can help
  • Internet User
    why can't the virtual network have the same SSID as the physical network?
  • ob882
    how do you even get to this point?
  • Jerkwad152
    Do *not* attempt this with a Netgear WNR3500L v2. If it doesn't brick it straight away, it will render your network useless until you unplug it. Several other people have had this issue as well. There is some kind of flaw in the router hardware.
  • ryu jin
    thank you sir
  • Fazal Akbar Badshah
    not bad
  • deltaleader71
    Big help for me! Thank you.
  • joni lee
    work great with my Linksys wrt54gl dd-wrt firmware, thanks dude.
  • James Pittman
    Not working for me. I'm able to see my second router SSID, but when try to connect to it, it says "Unable to connect to {SSID}". Win7 troubleshooting is no help.
    One time, I was able to connect to it, but got no Internet access.

    Should the "internet" LED be illuminated on the router when it's set up properly?
  • Ryan Andersen
    Very good video! Thank you for the clear instructions and good quality video. Very easy to follow. :)
  • Shrish Veerasundar
    Hey Ranjit
    Does this repeater setup require the primary modem-router also to have the dd-wrt firmware?
  • Fubar Snafu
    Great stuff, love DD-WRT. It's kick ass that open source saves the day once again!
    Tomato is a good open source alternative firmware also. Most of the questions I see here in the post can be answered at  http://www.dd-wrt.com there is also a good blog... Thanks for the video
  • sunill sharma
    Hi Ranjit,
    It was very informative but can you tell me how to connect two wifi router through lan cable so that one acts as repeater
  • Confucius Say
    i can connect but it said no internet access please help!
  • Wendy Medina
    thanks dude
  • ssphh68
    Hello, in my Wireless Mode drop down list the repeater option does not appear. I have hust AP, Client, Client Bridge (routed), Adhoc etc. But no repeater option at all. Can anyone help?
  • Ronny
    This isn't working if you have the Atheros version of the WR1043ND. Just install of latest firmware into the device and set it to 'client' and you should be fine.
  • Fernando Rilloz
    At 0:58 I'm already lost! can someone explain to me from there??
  • Neel Patel
    can you put the repeater on the same network as your old network. For example, lets say your router is Can you put your repeater as as far it is out your dhcp range. 
  • Grafik
    Hi, Can I configure it using only wi-fi connection?

    Even I follow the steps, dont have internet connection on my 2nd Router..
  • Subrat Red
    SIR 1 more help
    Sir I am over whelmed to inform you that I bought the what suggested by you, guess what its the "TP-link 1043ND". Now i have gone almost through all options its version 1.11. It has WDS option but I want to use it as a repeater without installing dd-wrt. As I have alredy told you my primary router is Belkin N150(no bridge option or repeater) and then through it the 1043ND will be repeater. Please suggest the steps if possible..

    I want to dd-wrt when I am sure completely
  • James Hennessy
    quick question, how do you make it so they're on the same network, so items connected through the repeater can access network shares on the primary router
  • monsterhunter445
    Lord India has busy streets, I can hear it in the background. Good video clear voice.
  • Sarif Uddin
    I wanted to add 2 repeaters for my primary wireless router..will this work
  • Kyle Menigoz
    This is not a true wireless repeater, this is just a secondary network on top. A true repeater assigns DHCP from the primary router.
  • Tsc.ConsultingInc. Mr.
    how do I increase the signal, so I can receive FULL SIGNAL BARS? from the new access point? the signal is still low in the other room, only getting 2.2Mbps download... Thanks
  • Shah Zahid Khan
  • Nox
    +MoooHamMad I am using these instructions you had left in regards setting up a router without repeater mode. after following all the steps, i can connect to the network but dont have internet access.  is there something that i might be able to check.  thank you so much for your help.
  • Nox
    Hi ranjit.  I had a question.  I was trying to go into the wwdrt settings with the ip address i had created.  I forgot the password.  This might have been a mistake and i might have fried the router, but i press the reset button on the back of the router which is the dlink 615.  Now i cannot log into the router anymore using the ip address i created.  Is there anything i can try to fix this?  thanks!
  • MrMaxo123
    Thank you Ran!
  • thedafko46
    Thank you very much! Easy setup, and works great. Can you explain why the repeated network works only half speed in repeater bridge mode?
  • supamerz
    Awesome job Ranjit. Super easy and super clear instructions, thanks for taking the time, subscribed and favored. Primary RT-AC56U + Secondary WRT54G v6 DD-WRT Repeater + This tutorial = Badass
  • DV6000victim
    I am totally confused. And I have flashed three routers with DD-WRT and set them up as repeaters. After watching this video I have no idea how in the world I managed to do it because whatever I just watched made me so confused I don't know what to even try next.
  • avijay1610
    Dear Ranjit, Thanks a ton for your help and guidance. It just works perfectly fine.
  • Brodie Henry
    thank you
  • comingbynight
    very good
  • Trevor Brookwell
    Ranjit, this is exactly what I have been looking for, and it worked on the first time. You are truly skilled, thank you.
  • KikisssLv
    Thank you, come again!
  • Da PWINS Chocobuoy
    hey ranjit i have a newer version of dd wrt firmware..that is different from your one..so settings are different.i use TP-LINK MR3420 wireless router..can you tell me where can i find proper firmware for this as like your one.,,or if not then how can i use my router as repeater please tell me..thanks
  • puppetrocks
    Thanks for the help. The only problem i have is that when i set it up i didnt change the ip. And it works right now without. Is it neccesary to change it each time i change it the network crashes and does not connect to the host router?
  • Angela Willis
    Thank you!!! You helped me so much!!!
  • rfrancoi
    Thank you Sir. This information was very useful to me. Much appreciated.
  • jj
    do you place the ethernet cable in the WAN or just LAN?
  • reesen85
    What is the setup for the main router, when selecting a function, for example AP, Client, etc. Do you have a video of setting a router up on a wireless network.
  • MSR27
    Having exact same issue with Linksys WRT610N
  • Sterling20073
    im wondering the same thing, did you get it sorted?