A Cheap Wifi Panel Antenna that Works Once You Fix It

A Cheap Wifi Panel Antenna that Works Once You Fix It
Picked up one of these from eBay and was a little disappointed with the performance. Turns out it was an easy fix. It also demonstrates how important it is to ground a reflector. The seller who sold me this no longer has it in stock this is the same you may be able to find it cheaper though    https://goo.gl/iUZrHh

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NOTE - This video is a joke, but I have switched to only making REAL tech videos, see some here ▶ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFr3c472VstzAUSTygS0YZKoqjNQCESAI This video will teach you


  • mike davies
    Good to see some updated stuff from you, I always enjoy your write ups! Funnily enough I have 1 of these exact panels but is about 3 years old now, funny thing is is that I opened up mine just to check and it does have the solder tag on it and is screwed in properly! Also of note is that the makers sticker on the front of yours is at the bottom and not like mine which is in the middle, it also hides a square cut out which i'm presuming is to allow them to screw the tag to the reflector before putting their sticker on it so why they changed their design to a poorer 1 is beyond me. It is the same maker too according to the sticker!
  • OmniTechnologies Research
    just find yourself the smallest satellite dish(junk yard) and set it up for wifi focus. and if you want an incredible signal stick a 20db wifi amplifier on the sat-wifi receiver. you won't get better than this. straight up. can sit on your desk if needed. if it's small enough.
  • Arnþór Gíslason
    would've been better to pull the wire through the hole and drill and tap another hole to mount the ground wire
  • Joey Hipolits
    I have been wondering all this time, if any of your projects can be used for boosting 4g lte broadband dongle.
  • ahmed negm
    My teacher, I see many devices from the search for gold depends on the wireless and the search for the frequency of gold Is it possible to explain the antenna used for this
  • Skyliner
    I have tried a lot of your designs and I seem to have the same problem with all of them.
    I get a better signal for connection to my router but when I'm actually connected and browsing the web or downloading / netflix
    I get better performance with a poorer signal from a small dipole.
    is there a reason for this, I have tried numerous usb adapters.
  • Paulman50
    Be cool to see some telephone antennas
  • Brendan Randle
    attaching the antenna ground that way looks difficult, what's your thoughts on attaching it to a loop of copper tape on top of the foam so it makes contact once closed
  • James Lamb
    .......... and he's back. Yay!!
  • HolgerBarske
    Finally! New antenna tweaks from Andrew! Love your stuff!
  • SHAWZY1973
    Makes me laugh how you can come up with a solution to a faulty product, and the vendor has the cheek to put the price up lol... Nice work Andrew as always.
  • paul
    Would it be possible to join several of the antennas together to increase the gain?
  • Mittau
    If you have a 3d printer there are a few biquad spacers/frames derived from your designs on thingiverse that you may be interested in checking out.
  • Mittau
    Just bought one of these a couple weeks ago & got very mediocre results. Will have to check its grounded. Thanks for the video.

    I also plan to cut off the coax & mount a rpsma connector directly to the back to see if that improves anything.
  • Dragon Lard
    I experimented with these Antennas too.

    You can improve it even more by adjusting the space between the reflector and the element.
  • castleman7300fx
    Hi Andrew, what else would I require to plug into, to make this work for a desktop pc please ?
  • QC Support
    ​@UCHqwzhcFOsoFFh33Uy8rAgQ - always a pleasant cup of tea when one of your antenna teardown or construction videos shows up in the queue! With more "smart plugs" in the house I find myself buying these panel antennas to get wi-fi to reach where it never needed to before.
    (A miniscule thing - around @11:29 you mention a photo of some cheap 5.8GHz antennas, I think it didn't get inserted. Then again we've all seen the usual suspects.)
  • Nick Horrex
    nice to see you back
  • james shaulis
    Always a good performance from your informative videos. Don't be offended but I have always considered you the Julia Childs of antennas. Thanks and have a good holiday.
  • Nikos Basdekis
    Nice to have a new video. Please look also into RFID UHF reader antennas.
  • chris chross
    No link?
  • Alb Catalin
    Good to have you back. I was waiting for your video´s.
  • Noilson Caio
    Thank you andrew
  • chris chross
    Thanks god, new video.
  • Jill Kews
    maybe do a video for ppl who rely on public BT WiFi (aka Fon)
    there is a severe lack of answers to questions from ppl who suffer from this service.
  • john wilks
    As expected another great video, would love to have seen a test with decent cable, Thanks.
  • Ross Potts
    Been some time since Ive seen your videos. As good as ever Andrew!