Drink It or Wear It Challenge ~ Jacy and Kacy

Drink It or Wear It Challenge ~ Jacy and Kacy
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  • Emaline Kara
    I bet you two are getting in the shower right after this video
    kacy your s really good sister :D :)
    I love this challenge omg its so funny :)
  • Kylie Douglas
    7 is also my favorite number and also my lucky one
  • Rose Zimmerman
    I like some of your things that you are drinking
  • Rose Zimmerman
    I love tru moo
  • Jamairia Howard
    I would love to meet u guys and I love 💜 your videos
  • Emily Ryan
    Kacy is such a good sister
  • Amy Briggs
    I was literally wearing coke headphones because my dad works for the coke company. He fixes coke machines. It is so funny.🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
  • Life with nancy and liliana olivera
  • Eutopia Hiscock
    So sorry Jacy love you all❤❤😊🦄🦄
  • kayla's world
    Kacy you are a sister
  • Aslam Shaikh
    Sorry for you kacy and jacy😢
  • Aslam Shaikh
    I always like your video 👌👌👌👌👱
  • Isabella Graziose
  • norma flores
    Am a big fan
  • norma flores
    I feel bad for jacy
  • LykaPlayz
    Kacy is Good Sister!!
  • Life with Mia
    It was really nice of kacy to pour her coke on herself! Love that!
  • Life with Mia
    Kacy is just dying over there with the apple cider vinegar and Jacy...
    "My sprite was very good" lol
  • lejla muminovic
    Kacy won
  • Kenjyra Lester
    Jacy wan
  • Aarna Gupta
    Kacy you are so sweet and a good sister ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😊😊😊😊
  • harinderpal singh
    Kacy is a sweet sister like my sister
  • adrianna harter
    That was very nice you too are good sisters
  • Diya P
    Kacy is so kind and a good sister
  • TB Lasagne
    Kacy stop licking ur lips all the time
  • Milli Mango
    You are so nice Kacy I am a bit new but I love you guys I love lemons so I would like the lemon juice
  • Kierstin Jacobs
    Kacy win
  • Zamzam Elmi
    Kacy is so nice and sweet 🌷☺️
  • Amver.angle Patiga
    Who is watching in 2018?
  • Shruthii Manohar
    Where are you????
  • its ino anime
    That was soooooooo nice for you to do that
  • Rachel Limas
    Orange jruce"
  • Aasiya Kashif
    Please do it again because I love it
  • Mohsin Bashir
    She really is.....☺😊
  • Mohsin Bashir
    Kacsy is such a good sister 😍👭
  • Kulothungan Kannan
    Aww kacy just loving you
  • The top 10
    So sweet Kacy best sister in this world
  • Lina Scott
  • Lina Scott
    Kacy is spiting the ginger out and jacy says my sprite is good 😂
  • Liva Gøde-Alling
    KAzzy vind
  • LykaPlayz
    Kacy is a Good sister!!
  • Emoji Vlogs
  • asha kulothungan
    hit like if u love kacy for the way she acted
  • CrystalIsWeird
    Those sounds 5:52 LOLLLL IM DED
    Kacy u r so good. I feel sorry for Jacy .
  • Jenny Røstad Flesjå
    9:23 i am Sorry but lmao😂
  • Takshaya Goyal
    Kacy Didi you are so good
  • Levitt sisters
    I think kacy needs a forfit