New Kats Hacks Airpods Review

NEW: Kat's Hacks AirPods Review

Hey guys, I'm back with a brandnew product unboxing and review. I was lucky and got a pair of Apple AirPods. They are really hard to get at the moment.

Kat's Hacks Instax Mini 8 unboxing

Hey guys! So nice to be back after a long time. I'm sorry for that, but I really had to figure out how to get back online after my two channels were sort of hacked.

Kat's Hacks E02 iPhone 7 (part 1)

Hi guys, it's me again, your Chief Executive Nerd. I've got a surprise for you: A brand new iPhone 7 that I just picked up at the store. In this video I'm going to talk.

Kat's Hacks UE Boom Part 2

Hey guys, I'm back with a new gadget unboxing & review video. The summer lasted quite long here in the meditarrean sea, so I've decided to have a little pool.

Kat's Hacks Instax Mini 8 Part 2

Hey guys, enjoy my part 2 of the Instax Mini 8 review! And make sure to visit my official website katshacks.tv or my new vimeo channel vimeo.com/katshacks.

NEW: Drops Of Silence (Teaser)

The Other Side of Kat: The teaser clip for a brand new video by erelle films and Talia Mint. A slow motion production in the rain.