Vector 1.2.0 for Android - Download

Vector 1.2.0 for Android - Download

Parkour's most spectacular chases


Vector is a two dimensional platform game that can be summed up as a perfect mix of Canalt and Mirrors edge, perfectly adapted for touch screens.

Vector takes its cue, in style as well as the basic concept, from Canabalt, the "endless runner" that popularized the genre. So in Vector, the main objective is to run over a series of rooftops without stopping, tripping up or falling into the abyss, just as in Canabalt. In the same way, the look and feel of both games is very similar.

With regards to Mirrors Edge, Vector borrows both from the basic story and from the use of 'Parkour' as the means to escape from the authorities. Not only is the main character is an unsung hero that uses the same type of movements to escape the authorities, but the authorities are an oppressive force in a not too distant, dystopian future, to which our character is trying to add a touch of color.

Vector is a fast moving and enjoyable platform game that, thanks to its more than thirty different levels, will have you stuck to your screen for hours. The gameplay, easy to learn but tough to master, will have you wanting to replay the levels over and over again.

Vector 1.2.0 for Android - Download

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