Sleep Better with Runtastic 2.6.1 for Android - Download

Sleep Better with Runtastic 2.6.1 for Android - Download

Improve your sleep habits and rest more deeply


Sleep Better with Runtastic helps you monitor the hours you sleep and improve your nocturnal habits that keep you from getting a good rest. The tool helps you take complete control thanks to the fact that you're able to specify within the program some of the things that directly affect your sleep.

To get the most out of the tool, activate it right when you go to sleep: place the device under your pillow, and, beforehand, select some of the things that might affect your sleep that night – for example, whether you exercised that day, if you've had a stressful schedule, if you're not sleeping in your own bed, if you ate dinner later than usual, or if you drank caffeine or alcohol before going to bed.

Sleep Better with Runtastic helps you better understand how to sleep based on the results obtained from night after night. Thus using the sleep journal you'll be able to see how much time you've rested each night and, out of that, how much of it was deep sleep. All this information will be compiled into a graph showing the average amount of time you sleep and the deep sleep that you're getting every night.

The results will help you understand the circumstances under which you sleep better or worse, with specific data for each variable you enter before initiating the app. Thus you'll know if you were able to rest more after having a stressful day or if you slept worse after having eaten a late dinner – all information that will help you sleep better and avoid picking up bad habits.

Sleep Better with Runtastic 2.6.1 for Android - Download

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