Sky Dancer 3.8.9 for Android - Download

Sky Dancer 3.8.9 for Android - Download

Run and jump through a beautiful world


Sky Dancer is a 3D endless runner where you can whip through beautiful settings while jumping great distances between impossible platforms. All this is done with a simple control system that's perfectly adapted for touch screens.

When you touch both sides of the screen, your character will jump. If you only touch one side, your character will move in that direction, whether you're running at the time or in you're in mid-flight. This is how you have to try to land on every platform, a task that's not for the faint of heart.

As you play Sky Dancer you'll also complete challenges and earn rings. With these rings, you can unlock up to 10 different characters to play with, although more will be added in newer versions of the game.

Sky Dancer is a beautiful 3D endless runner that unlike many other game from the genre, has a pretty high level of difficulty. This high difficulty level makes the game especially addicting.

Sky Dancer 3.8.9 for Android - Download

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