ReadEra v19.01.10+730 for Android - Download

ReadEra v19.01.10+730 for Android - Download

A robust ebook and document reader


ReadEra is a reading app that can open documents in any of the following formats: EPUB, PDF, DOC, RTF, TXT, DJVU, FB2, MOBI, and CHM. You can basically use it to read any book or text document on your device's memory.

The app is compatible with documents divided into chapters, has a bookmarking feature, and can autosave your progress as you read. Plus, it lets you change the page mode and choose from several different themes (night, day, sepia, and console).

The interface in ReadEra is simple and elegant. In the main tab is a list of all the docs stored on your device's memory. You can organize them by author or category, tick them as 'read' or 'to read,' and even mark them as favorites.

ReadEra is a terrific reading app for Android. With it you can enjoy nearly any book in a very convenient way.

ReadEra v19.01.10+730 for Android - Download

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