Mi Home 5.4.38 for Android - Download

Mi Home 5.4.38 for Android - Download

Manage your Xiaomi devices from your smartphone


Mi Home is the official app from Xiaomi that helps you manage your Xiaomi products in the easiest and most convenient way possible. You can configure or program your lamp, vacuum cleaner, smartwatch, alarm clock, fan, security camera and a long etc. After all, Xiaomi offers a huge range of products.

In order to use the Mi Home app correctly you have to open a user account. Conveniently, you can open one in a matter of seconds from the Mi Home app and using your Facebook profile. Once you’ve got that taken care of, you just have to tap a button to detect all the Xiaomi devices nearby. Then, you just have to configure them individually.

Mi Home is a must have app for anyone that uses any of the many Xiaomi products on a regular basis.

Mi Home 5.4.38 for Android - Download

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