Makai Wars 01.10.02 for Android - Download

Makai Wars 01.10.02 for Android - Download

The Disgaea saga lands on Android -- in style


Makai Wars is a spin-off of the popular Disgaea saga. After many ups and downs over a long drawn-out development stage, it's finally available for mobile devices. Just like the rest of the Disgaea saga titles, Makai Wars is a turn-based strategy game with a touch of RPG elements where you direct a group of underworld heroes in exciting battles against every imaginable kind of enemy.

The playing system of Makai Wars is practically identical to other titles in the franchise, but with some simplified elements. For example, in this case the environment is smaller, leading to shorter battles. Along the same lines, there's also less personalization options for your characters.

One of the most striking features of Makai Wars, is, without a doubt, its cast of characters. As well as the game's protagonist, control Laharl, Flonne, Etna, Adell, Rozaline and many more. You can also control quite a few 'prinnies' of different colors and, as usual in the saga, the characters you create yourself.

Makai Wars is a spectacular TBS that will be especially enjoyed by Nippon Ichi fans. The same formula that has the Disgaea saga so popular, now available on an outstanding adaptation for Android.

Makai Wars 01.10.02 for Android - Download

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