LEGO Life 1.7.2 for Android - Download

LEGO Life 1.7.2 for Android - Download

A social network for children based on creativity


LEGO Life is a social network for kids in which they can exchange opinions about what they build with LEGOs on a platform that's very similar to Instagram in terms of its search and browsing features.

The application is designed for kids under 13 years old. To use it, they'll need to sign up for a user account and link it to a parent or teacher's email address. After that, they can browse through everything that interests them. In fact, they can subscribe to specific toys so they only receive information about the sets that they like, like LEGO Star Wars or LEGO Batman.

Besides receiving information, you can also see photos from other users, rate them, and mark them as favorites. You can even upload your own through an intuitive publication creation system.

It's also possible to create your own avatar with LEGOs, personalizing it to your heart's desire. It's important to note that this app isn't really a video game; instead, it's an interesting platform to explore and get inspiration for building new things with this well-known construction game.

LEGO Life 1.7.2 for Android - Download

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