Google App for Android - Download

Google App for Android - Download

The best search engine on Internet


Google Search is an application with which we can search the Internet from our Android smartphone. Using it is as easy as speaking our query into the microphone, selecting a photograph from our phone, or simply entering our query into the search bar.

Included among the benefits of Google Search are personalized results based on our location. The application will automatically detect where we are in the world and then tailor the results to find the most interesting information related to our location.

For example, if we search 'the weather' or 'interesting museums', Google Search will first show us the results that correspond to the city where we are. Of course, we can also opt out of this option if we would prefer to disregard location in favor of the normal results.

Google Search is one of those applications that no Android should be without. Everything you would ever want to search will be right at your fingertips.

Google App for Android - Download

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