Evernote 8.6.1 for Android - Download

Evernote 8.6.1 for Android - Download

Take notes about absolutely everything


Sometimes, certain tasks and activities require you to jot down notes so you can remember important details later on. The problem is that if you collect too many, you may eventually have to organize and classify them. At that point, EverNote can come in very handy.

This is a powerful tool that you can use to save any information such as outlines, addresses, notes, web fragments, personal and professional appointments, etc.

In addition, you can store all of these notes in different and customized formats, changing the font and color, highlighting or underlining, etc. EverNote also allows you to use hyperlinks to web pages and supports the inclusion of images.

The application has been developed with a simple and comfortable interface that is very intuitive and structured in a way that even the least experienced users can easily take advantage of the features that EverNote offers.

Evernote 8.6.1 for Android - Download

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