Comics for Android - Download

Comics for Android - Download

All the comics you want in the palm of your hand.


Comics is the only virtual store for Android that includes the entire catalog of Marvel Comics and DC Comics, leading to a virtual library of more than twenty thousand copies you can download at will (as long as you pay for them, of course)

All the purchases made through the application can also be read easily from the web site, allowing you to continue the reading you have started on the subway or bus from your mobile phone, or on the bigger screen of your home computer.

The application comes with a pretty simple user interface by which you can not only do a quick search for whatever series you are interested in, but can also discover some new ones through the ads and promotions you see on the main screen.

Comics is a great application for comic book lovers, through which practically all the most comic book series in the world are available: Batman, Superman, the Avengers, Spiderman. . .

Comics for Android - Download

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