Castle Crush 3.22.1 for Android - Download

Castle Crush 3.22.1 for Android - Download

Frenetic RTS duels


Castle Crush is an RTS where you have to try to destroy your opponent's castle using a wide range of different troops. Of course, you also have to try to stop the enemy from destroying your castle.

The battlefield in Castle Crush is divided into three sections where you can deploy all your troops. Like what happens in Clash Royale and other titles in this genre, each of your units is represented by a card with a particular value in mana points. And of course, each unit has its own life points and a different kind of attack.

Between battles, as is also common, you can open chests and customize your deck of creatures. When you get several cards of the same kind you can also level them up to increase their life points and the damage they do.

Castle Crush is a strategy game offering a direct, fast-paced, and fun battle system. It's obvious that it's strongly inspired by Clash Royale, but that's not necessarily a drawback if, as is the case here, the game works and offers a slightly different experience.

Castle Crush 3.22.1 for Android - Download

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