ASUS File Manager for Android - Download

ASUS File Manager for Android - Download

Manage your Android files at a glance


ASUS File Manager is a powerful file management tool developed by ASUS. With it, you can manage all the files on your Android, whether they're stored on the internal memory, an SD card, or in the cloud.

The first great feature of ASUS File Manager is that, unlike other similar apps, it has an attractive and intuitive interface. You can easily see where all the files on your device are kept. Likewise, it's easy to perform simple tasks: delete, rename, move, copy, paste, etc.

ASUS File Manager is compatible with Dropbox, Google Drive, and Onedrive accounts, among others. All you need to do is link the account in order to manage it directly from the app's interface. Another interesting feature lets you easily compress and decompress files in ZIP or RAR format.

ASUS File Manager is an excellent file manager for Android. Despite what its name suggests, it works perfectly on any Android device, even if it's not ASUS.

ASUS File Manager for Android - Download

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