Angry Birds 2 2.22.1 for Android - Download

Angry Birds 2 2.22.1 for Android - Download

The first great sequel of the legendary Angry Birds


Angry Birds 2 is the first official sequel of the legendary Angry Birds, one of the most influential and widely downloaded games in history. Unlike other games like Angry Birds Rio or Angry Birds Seasons, this new game includes some very interesting new features.

The first thing that will get your attention in Angry Birds 2 is the improved graphics. The graphics in the earlier Angry Birds games were pretty good, but they are spectacular in this game. Sometimes they're so good that it feels like you're watching a cartoon.

Graphics aside, some very interesting features have been added to the original gameplay. For example, you'll be able to choose your own birds on each level. It sounds stupid, but it changes things a lot. The multi-phase level is another new addition.

Like in the other versions, you can challenge your friends online in Angry Birds 2. You can play in online tournaments and show who's the best at launching birds.

Angry Birds 2 is a great video game. Even if it doesn't have the same refreshing quality as the original, it's succeeded in redefining a lot of the classic elements. In the end, it's a fun and addicting game that will keep you hooked for hours.

Angry Birds 2 2.22.1 for Android - Download

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